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West Cork, Union Hall Cnoc Bui Arts Centre

Welcome to Cnoc Buí


Cnoc Buí is a new community arts centre for visual and performance art in Union Hall, Co Cork. ​


About Cnoc Buí

The property was acquired from philanthropic sources in June ’22 with a view to establishing a centre for the arts in the picturesque village of Union Hall in West Cork.  In addition to providing a centre for the visual arts, it is intended to foster the performing and dramatic arts at Cnoc Bui.  The property will provide a focal point for local groups and particularly those whose voluntary work does so much to enhance the community.  


Part of the main building is already in use as an exhibition and meeting space, while other parts of the buildings and grounds are undergoing further renovation.  The derelict outbuildings at Cnoc Bui are particularly exciting as they date from the 18th century and are among the oldest surviving buildings in the West Cork region.  


Once the renovations have been completed, it is expected that Cnoc Bui will provide a permanent home for an important collection of over 250 art works which include portraiture, works by Australian artists and works by Irish women artists of the 20th century.  


Also on offer to Cnoc Bui is the ‘Union Hall Collection’ of works by different artists who have responded to the same visual stimulus – the view of Glandore Harbour from a particular vantage point near the old pier at Keelbeg, half a kilometre from Cnoc Bui.  There are now almost 50 paintings in the collection which continues to grow year-on-year.  

Projects and Events

Cnoc Buí is currently being developed as an Arts and Community centre in Union Hall village in West Cork. Below are some of our current projects and upcoming events 

Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 16_edited.jpg
Bridge to Union Hall village in Glandore Harbour


Cnoc Buí

Union Hall

Co Cork

Ireland.    P81 X274

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