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Union Hall Collection

The “Union Hall Collection” brings together works by different artists who have responded to the same visual stimulus – the view of Glandore Harbour from a specific vantage point outside the village of Union Hall in West Cork.  Currently, there are 47 pieces in the collection and one or two new pieces are added each year.  The works come in a range of media – watercolours, oils, acrylics, mixed media – and there are even works in ceramic and in knitted yarn.  

The idea for the collection goes back over 20 years to the time when two visiting Australian artists – Harry Sherwin and Murray Edwards – each painted the same harbour scene but used different techniques and with strikingly different results.  This prompted the idea of asking other local, national and international artists to also respond to the same view; thus, the collection was born.  Over the years, the Union Hall Collection has been exhibited at different venues throughout Ireland.  It is currently on a three-year loan to University Hospital Waterford, having already spent three years at Cork University Hospital and prior to this, having spent three years at University Hospital Limerick.  


It is hoped that the Collection will reach its final home at Cnoc Bui, Union Hall when the current loan arrangement ends in December 2024.

Please visit our Facebook or our Instagram for more information on this collection, the artists and their works.


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